Monday, October 6, 2014

"Trust Me. I'm Canadian."

Dear Family and Friends, 

Love you papa. See you soon.  :)

Also.....Happy Birthday to my mission Momma - Sister Stats (Callie). Love you!

Quick fun fact - My preparation day will be next Tuesday (October 14th) because Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving!

What an amazing and rewarding week!! I am pretty sure I say that every week though. I can't help it -- God is SO good! The title of my email today is "Trust Me. I'm Canadian" because I got told multiple times this week that I sound Canadian. I will explain.....

I met one of the members from the neighboring ward before General Conference, and she asked me where I was from. I just pointed to the screen and told her that I lived near Salt Lake City. Her jaw dropped, and she would not believe me. She kept saying, "But you don't have a Utah accent!" She told me that I sound like I've lived in Canada my whole life.....oops......

The next one was one of the Hermanas. I asked her to hand me my bag. She looked at me all concerned, so I thought she just didn't hear me. So I asked her again. She then said, "I'll hand you your BAG, but not your BEG!" Hahah, me.....I'm Canadian.

So I now own a shirt that says "Trust Me. I'm Canadian." I'll attach pictures. 

No one is allowed to make fun of me when I get home. I'll snap out of it quickly. I promise.

Sister Womack and I were blessed to find some amazing new investigators this week. Carlo and Roda are husband and wife from Sudan. They are former investigators from about 3 years ago. They have four beautiful children and are the most humble and loving family. Last night when we went over to teach them Carlo said the closing prayer and he thanked Heavenly Father for sending his "family" (us) into his home. Sister Womack and I both had tears. He committed to bringing his ENTIRE family to church next week. Keep them in your prayers!

Dan and Toni-Lyn are the best. Dan is from England and has the thickest accent ever!! They have a son who is about 9 months old, named Jake. They are curious and really nice people. Hoping to see them progress soon!

I love teaching families!

Greg got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! He was so happy. The service went so well, and lots of members came out to show support. He got baptized in between the morning and afternoon sessions yesterday. He had to get dunked twice because the first time his knuckle didn't go under the water. He is a good sport though. When I asked him how he felt afterwards, all he could say was "Excellent" with two thumbs up! I don't know if I ever mentioned this - he is from Budapest Hungary and has a very thick accent. It is so sweet! It is a joyous experience to witness one that you have taught enter into the waters of baptism and accept the Gospel. There is nothing that brings me more joy. I don't want it to ever end. Good thing that there is no end to this glorious thing called missionary work.

We had a meeting in Brampton on Friday for all of the new missionaries and their trainers. It was super short and kinda weird, haha. It is apparently something new that President Clayton is trying. It was mainly a question and answer thing for the new missionaries, but the only people that asked questions were the trainers. Haha, oh well. It was fun.

One of the members asked us to help her get ready for New Beginnings for the Young Women by making cupcakes. Man, I didn't realize how much work went into it! Thank goodness for all of the amazing Young Women leaders I had! We made some dang good cupcakes though, and it was so fun! I love being able to do service and help others out. I even painted her kids nails, even her son Eli. He kept asking me if I would, but I told him he had to ask his mom first. She finally gave in and his nails are now orange.  :) Such a fun time.

General Conference! So INSPIRING.

I loved every single talk. One of my favorites was by Jorg Klebingat. He was so bold. These are the 6 points he made - (not word for word)

1. Take responsibility for own actions.
2. Take responsibility for physical well-being.
3. Embrace whole-hearted obedience - Don't be selective.
4. Become really really good at repenting - apply daily.
5. Become really really good at forgiving - forgive everyone.
6. Accept trials as part of mortal experiences.

With all of these principles applied - our spiritual confidence will increase. 

I am also so thankful for Richard G. Scott's talk about how we KNEW before coming here to this mortal existence that we would be tried, tested, and stretched. The tools he pointed out were -

1. Pray - OFTEN. Tell Him everything. Share all of your feelings. Make family prayer a priority. 
2. Study the words of God in scripture and modern day - choose to TAKE time to do so. 
3. Weekly Family Home Evening - Do not let anything hinder FHE. It is precious time. 
4. Go to the temple - Schedule times to go. Ponder, pray, seek to understand the ordinances.

I felt like those tools were exactly what I needed to hear! I am going to need some consistent temple buddies to go with me every week when I get home!

I am sure all of us left Conference with a renewed sense to be a little better today than we were yesterday. God truly spoke to us through His chosen servants. We need to sustain and support them and heed their counsel. We have a lot of amazing talks to study!

This week will mark my 17 months as a missionary. I also am starting my very last transfer today. Six weeks. Mom said it best - the homestretch. Thank you so much for the prayers, love, and support. I can feel it. Hang in there fam. :) I'll be home soon enough. Oh, I will be staying here in KW with Sister Womack, so no changes.

Jesus Christ is our Savior and He stands on the right hand of God. Joseph Smith saw Them in the year of 1820, and the world has been changed forever because of that humble prayer. We have the Priesthood power on the earth and the possibility of having eternal families. I am so grateful for my eternal family and the plan that God has for each of His children. I've come to learn and understand that trials are opportunities to grow and receive more blessings. Embrace every trial and seek to understand what God wants you to learn. 

Have an amazing week. Love you ALL!! xoxox


Sister Corinne Hardcastle

"Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like His Son, Help Others On Their Way"

Just trust me. 
Wilsonite District! 
Some serious nail painting.
Cupcake wars. 
Lunch with the Hermanas!
Sis. Womack, Norm, Greg, and I!
We're silly.  :)

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