Monday, September 29, 2014

God is so aware.

Dear Family and Friends,

I failed to mention Happy Birthday to Grandma Shirley in my email last week! So sorry!!! I love you so much Grandma!

So many birthdays this week - 

Happy Birthday to Karlee Vail!
Happy Birthday to Dallin!
Happy Birthday to Brynn!
And last....Happy Birthday to my BFF Sister Belyea.
Love you all so much. :)

This week was INCREDIBLE. I honestly don't even know where to begin....

I went on exchanges with Sister Felix on Tuesday. Sister Felix is sooo great. We came out together, but we've never really served around each other, so it was such a fun day. We taught several lessons and witnessed miracle after miracle. We we walking to find some unknowns on the Ward List, and we saw this lady sitting outside her house refinishing some furniture. We walked up this huge grass hill to go talk with her, and she is SO PREPARED! Her name is Ditte (pronounced Dita). We talked with her for a little bit, and she told us that she knows we were sent to her from God. We realized how late it was and that we had another lesson, so we RAN like maniacs back to our car. Busy busy busy. So it gets better. Ditte has people bring her furniture and then she refinishes it for them. She mentioned to us that if we ever found anything we could bring it to her. So the next morning we went outside to go running, and it was trash day. There was this really nice wood desk outside to be thrown out. I told Sister Felix that if it was still there later that day we would get it and take it to Ditte. That morning some of our plans fell through, so we went to go see if the desk was still there! It was. Miracle! So. With the help of heaven, we somehow fit it in the back of our tiny suburu and drove to Ditte. She was SO excited about. Let's just made the day so great. Now she has a new desk! I love her! Unfortunately she didn't come to church, but we are not giving up. :)

Another miracle with Sister Felix was when we went to see Brother Borg and his daughter Jackie. Brother Borg is less active and his daughter is not a member. We went in with a plan to teach them the plan of salvation, but as we were beginning the lesson I felt the strongest impression to show them the new Mormon Message - "You Never Know." It was PERFECT. It brought tears to everyone's eyes, and the Spirit was so strong. That dear family has been through so much, and Brother Borg was expressing how he just wanted to have healing for himself and his children. Sister Felix and I testified of the power of family prayer. I was able to relate back to when all of us would kneel around the glass table in the family room and pray. I cherish those times. Brother Borg expressed how much he loves his children and that brought up the topic of father/daughter relationships. Sister Felix shared an experience about her father, and as I was listening to her I had the most distinct feeling come over me, and I know that at that exact moment that my dad was praying for me. Dad - thank you for that prayer. I felt it. It was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever been in, and I am so grateful for the Spirit.

Greg is doing so awesome. He will be getting baptized next Sunday in between sessions of Conference. :) He came out of the blue and told us he was moving, which kinda put everything on hold. But he isn't moving anymore. April fools! So yes, all is well and he is so ready.

On Thursday, we helped a family from the ward move, and guess where they are moving to?! Utah!! Near Murray. They are actually both from there, just came up here for work, but are now moving back. I told them to say hello to the mountains for me....

Now onto the temple!! On Friday night, we drove to Brampton so that we could go to the temple bright and early on Saturday morning. I can't even express the anticipation I was feeling. It had been a year since the last time I attended. On Friday night, as I was saying my prayers before bed, I went through the past year with Heavenly Father. I prayed for my heart to be open to the things He needed me to know at this time. As I was praying, I pondered on the growth that had occurred since the last time I had attended. The year long wait was well worth it. Saturday morning came and it was so beautiful outside. Blue skies and perfect temperature. The session was great, and President and Sister Clayton were even with us. The woman that I was blessed to go through the temple for has one of my all time favorite names, and I am for sure going to name one of my daughters that name now. :) In the celestial room - which is breathtaking - I sat down on one of the couches and just closed my eyes. The feeling was one of pure peace and quiet. I felt like I was the only one in the entire world. It was like the Savior was wrapping me up and giving me a big hug. I didn't want to leave. Then President and Sister Clayton went around to hug/shake hands with everyone, and it was really special. Almost as good as my actual parents. ;) Such a good day!!

I left the temple with a renewed sense of dedication and love. All the cares in the world were washed away. That's the power of the temple folks. 

The General Women's Meeting was very nice. Church was great. Everything is great. :) We had dinner last night with a family that has seven children that all start with an A. Why? Haha, but - I finally got them down. They range from 16 to 3 months. Sounds kinda like the Hardcastle family.

So I found this quote that sums up how I feel about life....

“Ultimate happiness, true peace, and anything even remotely close to scriptural joy are found first, foremost, and forever in living the gospel of Jesus Christ.” —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Thank you for your love, support, letters, prayers, etc. I am so blessed! Transfers are this Sunday, but I don't think I'm going anywhere.


Sister Corinne Jean Hardcastle

"Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like His Son, Help Others On Their Way"

Ditte and the desk!
My dearest Sister Felix.
She's great!
knocking out some walls....
President and Sister Clayton 
Toronto is BEAUTIFUL. 

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