Monday, June 30, 2014

The Harvest is OVER! Happy July.

Dear Family and Friends, 

It sounds like the wedding was a success which brings a smile to my face! 

Happy Birthday to Naomi this week! Remember that all of the fireworks are truly for you. :)

Today is the last day of June....which means the Harvest is now over. Our mission saw SO much success this's pretty amazing to be apart of it.

Canada is so hot. So so hot.

Zone Conference was incredible. It was pretty difficult to say goodbye to President and Sister Scott, but thank goodness they live in Utah! President Scott gave us all his "Last Lecture" which is what he would normally give to all of the departing missionaries. It was really neat and a lot of laughs. At the end of the Conference, everyone was able to give President and Sister Scott a hug. I don't think there was a single dry eye in the room. The whole day I kept feeling like I should ask President Scott for a blessing, but I kept ignoring it and saying to myself that he was too busy....well finally after Zone Conference was over the Spirit practically shouted to me to go ask him for a I did. And he was so happy that I asked him. The blessing was incredibly powerful and left me feeling so much peace. As you all probably know, it has been a VERY hard month for me, in fact a very hard transfer. Sister Puruganan and I were talking about that last night, just how hard this has been. How there were some days that I didn't know if I would be able to get out of bed and face reality. That's the beauty of the Atonement. The Priesthood is real. President Scott is a very inspired man, and I am so thankful that I finally followed the prompting. :) 

We were able to go strawberry picking with some of the Relief Society for the Strawberry Social at the church. It was so fun!! The Strawberry Social was combined with "Family Feud" and it was such a great activity. We had a few investigators there, and there were many laughs. The Branch is very close because it is so small. :)

We went on exchanges with a sister from Fiji, Sister Fisher. She is soooo legit, and it was a fun day. Since our area is so far away, they tend to do trio's, which is great because Sister P and I don't like to be away from each other! 

One of the families had us over for ribs....and I had 9! It was sooo delicious and made me think of the ribs we have at the cabin....yummy!

So I have a nasty cold. It's terrible. One of the members told me that it sounds like I smoked 15 packs of cigarettes. Nice, huh? She gave me some Buckley's....which is a crazy cough syrup. I don't think they have it in the States. I'll send pictures of what it was like. Just my luck, the normal Gospel Doctrine teacher got called into work so at the last minute she asked us to teach the class. So Sister P and I read the lesson during Sacrament meeting and taught it. Let's just throat is killing me and for once I didn't want to talk, haha. Right now the worst part would be the cough, but all is well. 

Tomorrow is Canada Day! Second one in Canada. 

We had dinner last night with Cortwright and some of his friends. They had a dog just like Maizie! It was such a tender mercy.

So yesterday James Berry received the Aaronic Priesthood! He is so happy. :) 

We experienced such an amazing miracle this week. We will be meeting with one of the part-member families this Wednesday. Brother Leavens isn't a member and attends church every single week. His dear wife is the RS President. Well, yesterday he expressed how he received an answer that the church is true and he wants to meet with us. Such a miracle! Good things come to those that wait!

Well family, the work continues to roll forward, and I am so grateful that I am here. Enjoy the celebrations of the 4th of July this week! Have fun at the cabin and be safe. I love you all so much. 


Sister Hardcastle

"Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like His Son, Help Others On Their Way"

I love Rayne!!
World....Meet Zachary. Love him!
The dynamic trio?? haha
Sister Fisher!
Priceless picture....Kristi, John, and George!
Before taking Buckley's....
During taking Buckley's.... 
After taking Buckley's....NEVER AGAIN

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