Monday, October 28, 2013

"Think Less + Love More"

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm sorry that I won't have the time to email you all back individually. I am actually headed to Niagra Falls shortly - I am so excited! Oh, and transfers are this coming week soooo hold the mail until I give you the go for next week. I tend to get transferred a lot eh???

I got a letter from my dear Grandma Shirley this week and the front of the card said - 

"Imagine yourself doing what you LOVE and LOVING what you do. Being happy from the inside out, experiencing your dreams wide awake, being creative, being unique, being you - changing the things to the way you know they can be - living the life you always imagined." 

I love that so much! It was super uplifting - so thank you Grandma :) As for the rest of you - feel free to write me a letter whenever!

I have to tell you all about the Julian family. They are amazing! Brother Julian works for the church - he does maintenance on the church buildings, so he travels to Salt Lake a lot. Anyways, they had us over for dinner last week and it was so much fun. They had this HUGE nutella container (see picture) and I about died. They said they would buy me one next time they went to Costco...

We have been working with so many Less Actives here. It is awesome. We saw Liz Hughes again this week and took Sister Watson. They were friends from another ward way back in the day, haha. They spent about an hour catching up while Sister P and I just sat there enjoying their conversation. :) Did I mention that Sister Watson looks like you mom?? I'll send some pictures. I love hanging out with her because it's like being with you - I LOVE YOU! We also went and got sushi with Becky this week. It was so dang good. I even used the chopsticks, which I knew would make you proud Dad. :) Also, another Less Active - Pat Jackett came to church yesterday. Her favorite saying now is "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith". Thank you General Conference....

So, in my email last week I mentioned a girl that just showed up to church that we are now teaching. Well her name is Kerry, and she is doing well. She came to church again yesterday and stayed for the baptism of one of the people that the Elders were teaching. She is working towards her baptism on November 24th.

Cleveland is doing pretty well. We gave him the week to think things through, so we aren't sure what is going to happen with him. Agency...

Okay. So picture this. Imagine a mix between Katie and Ciera. Doesn't that sound like the funnest person ever? Well, I met her this week. She is another less active's daughter, Stephanie. She is SO dang funny. She laughs like Katie and tells stories like Ciera. I haven't laughed that hard in the longest time. She is about 28, and I told her she should go on a mission because she'd be the greatest companion ever. Ahh, man I love meeting funny people. 

Miracle time - we were out walking the streets in the BITTER COLD CANADIAN WEATHER - when we started talking to this lady at the bus stop. It started off as small talk, then she said - "So how are all the people at the church doing?" It totally caught me off guard, but turns out she is a member! She is supppper inactive, and hasn't been to church in many many years, but she recognized the name tags. :) She told us her address, and we went to see her a few days ago. She is the sweetest thing. It was so amazing to run into her and to now be teaching her...

Another miracle this week. A member gave me a winter coat. We went to her house for dinner and as I was putting on my black coat she said - "That won't keep you warm out there." She went and got this coat that she has been meaning to give away, and now it's mine. :) It should be perfect for the winter. 

Brother Gillett gave us this huge box of chocolates just because he loves us - the members take such good care of us here!

You're probably wondering why this email is titled "Think Less + Love More." Well, those are wise words from the one and only Dallin Hardcastle. They have stuck with me ever since I read them several months ago. It has been the best advice to get me through. It is so true though. Think less about myself and love those around me more. So thank you, Dallin, for that profound statement. :)

We had the Ward Trunk or Treat this past week. I dressed up as a missionary. Best costume ever! Haha, it was fun though. I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween! Don't eat too much candy....

Oh, and I know you're all wondering about the weather here. It's freezing. Enough said.

Love you all forever!


Sister Hardcastle

"Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like His Son, Help Others On Their Way"


Mom's twin - Sister Watson

Sushi with Becky!

Yum :)

Life is like a box of chocolates....

Baby, it's cold outside!!

Sister Watson as a firefly...

Sister Nantais - funniest costume ever.

Mckayla - My favorite little girl in the whole world :)

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