Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December :)

Dear Family and Friends, 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aunt Amy. :) I hope you have an amazing day! Love you so much!

I'm glad that everyone had such a great sounds like everyone was stuffed to the rafters! Or in the words of Momma, everyone probably said, "I was so hungry and now I'm so full." Am I right?? Haha. Thanksgiving was fun for me in Canada. I had dinner at a member's house, and we all went around the table and said what we were thankful for. It was almost like home...almost…

Sister Woolf and I had a pretty good week. We achieved Standard again, which is awesome. :) We had two of our investigators at church yesterday, Mary and Michael. Mary was a former investigator and Michael is her 11 year old son. They had been once before, but it was a long time. They both really enjoyed it, especially Michael. He wants to come back really bad, so we're excited about that. 

Jackie and Xavier were at their mom's this weekend, so they weren't able to make it out to church, but all is well. We'll be seeing them lots this week. Keep them in your prayers. :)

We met some of the most amazing people this week that I can't wait to tell you about. Where to start??

Sue and Chris. So here's the story. We went on a Zone Blitz on Wednesday night and Sister Woolf and I were assigned a few streets to tract. We knocked on the door of Sue. She was so sweet and she let us in to get out of the cold. We were able to talk to her for quite awhile and she expressed how she wants us to come back. She has two beautiful little girls, Brynnleigh and Willow. I fell in love with Brynnleigh because it's like Brynn. :) She also mentioned how she thought Chris would be really interested because he's read the whole Book of Mormon. Say what?! Yeah. We were exited about them. So we went back on Friday to meet with them and it was awesome. Tracting works eh??

We met this 89 year old in-active. Best story! So we got a headquarters referral for this man named Trevor. His son requested that missionaries go visit him because he wanted to be taught again. He is the sweetest thing! He joined probably 60 years ago, and hasn't been to church for over 50 years. He was sealed to his sweet wife in the Salt Lake City Temple, who passed away after they joined the church. We spent quite awhile visiting with Trevor. He used to be a watch maker, so he showed us all of that, and even had us stay for lunch. Since he is a veteran, he has meals brought to him every week. He likes to save them up, so we had a nice TV dinner for lunch. We were inviting him to come back to church and he said the funniest thing. He said something along the lines of - "It's not going to be that easy. I want you both to put your heads together and think of a way to get me back." Hahah, Sister Woolf and I just looked at each other and smiled. Done and Done. :)

Jen. She is a less active, who has also been on my mind a lot recently. She lives pretty far away, but we were finally able to make it out to see her. I'd never met her before, so it was so much fun to get to know someone new. :) She is INCREDIBLE! She has such a testimony. She is working through a lot right now, and really wants to get back to church. She has two boys, one of whom is 9 and not baptized. So much potential with this family. As we were talking with her, the impression came into my mind to ask her about her patriarchal blessing. Turns out she hasn't gotten it yet, so she is working on getting that now. So awesome. 

Chelain. Okay this girl is Jessica. I'm not kidding. She is a less-active who lives with her boyfriend who is also less-active. They are both technically in YSA, but we went to go visit them. My goodness, it was awesome. Only Chelain was home, so we talked with her for quite awhile. I felt like I was just hanging out with Jessica. She is so down to earth and still has such a strong testimony. And get this - she loves Pooh Bear!! Meant to be.

Stephanie Lagos. She is the 28 year old daughter of a less-active whom we see quite often. I may have mentioned Stephanie before, but I can't remember. We went to visit her last night and it was the best. She is hilarious. Honestly. Put all the Hardcastle's together and that is how funny she is. It was a laugh a minute. It was a very spiritual and fun visit. I left that home feeling so at peace. I love it!

We have this Plan of Salvation diagram thing and something that we are doing is having the members try to put it together. Man, it is hilarious some of the things they do. Here is the order that one member put it together - 

Spirit World, Birth, Mortal Life, Death, Resurrection, Celestial Kingdom, Telestial Kingdom, Terrestial Kingdom, Judgement, Heavenly Home. 

Let's just say, we cleared things up. :) It is so fun. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation. Every single time I teach it I feel the Spirit. How lucky are we to have this knowledge? We should treasure it and most importantly - Share it. There are so many people who simply don't know their purpose and we literally have the answer to everything. How blessed. 

We had quite the experience this week helping a less-active move. Let's just put it this way - 6 cats lived in her house, the cops came and we had to go home and shower after. Not the best experience, but definitely one for the journal. 

The Medina's still don't answer their door, so we've been unable to work with them. It's super heartbreaking, but we keep praying for them. 

Well, my lovelies, it is now December. Which means Christmas and The Wedding of the Century. I hope that everyone remembers the true reason for the season this year. Let us all have the Spirit of CHRISTmas. :) 



Sister Hardcastle

"Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like His Son, Help Others On Their Way"

Keeping Warm :)
Thanksgiving - round 2 :) 
Package from the Young Women :)
Gingerbread house :) 
Look what the Julian's bought me!!!
Merry Christmas. Like our tree??

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