Monday, August 25, 2014

All good things come to an end....

Dear Family and Friends, 

Wow. Life is about to change dramatically! After 6 months in this beautiful land of Napanee, I will be leaving.... moving on to the blessed land of Kitchener Waterloo. I'll talk more about it later on....

First of all! Happy Birthday to Grandpa Larry, Katie, and Jackson this week! I hope you all received your birthday letters! Love you all and have an amazing day.  :)

So next Monday is Labor Day, so I am just assuming the Prep Day will be next Tuesday!

This week was a roller coaster. Let's see if I can portray the miracles we witnessed in a timely manner because we have so much to do today, haha. So Brother Leavens was actually interviewed for baptism on Thursday night and he passed!! We weren't expecting it to all happen so fast, but things really progressed this week. So now that he has passed, he can get baptized whenever, but he still hasn't set a date. His wife is very sick and weak right now, and he wants her to be well enough to attend. Soooo it will happen soon, and it is such a miracle! Even though I won't be here when he is baptized, I am so thankful that I was one of the missionaries that was able to teach him! 

I had a lovely exchange in Oshawa with Sister Hansen this week. She actually goes home in two days, but we connected so well. We saw so many miracles in just one day together. We were at the library teaching some recent converts and a man named Daryl actually approached us and asked us what we were doing! The sisters there are teaching him now. It is so incredible to be in the right place at the right time.

So there was a primary activity on Friday and Shayden and Sheldon came! It was so good to see them running around with the other kids and having fun. I will miss that family so much, and they are a treasure of my time in Napanee. 

We met the most amazing JW ever!!! As we were walking up to him he said "I'm going to hell!" and he kept repeating it. Well, let's just suffice it to say that his heart was softened, and we talked to him for quite awhile. He was willing to listen to what we had to say, and we let him say a few things as well. Such a nice man, and he even gave me a bible! It is beautiful, silver and shiny. I'll probably be sending it home, because I won't be using it while I am here! Still a pretty cool souvenir though.

Last night the Branch had a Fireside for the youth on the topic of missionary work. Sister Puruganan and I were asked to share the things that we did to prepare to come on our missions and how those preparations have benefited us. It was such a neat experience to counsel other youth about going on a mission. I still feel like I'm 14 and 15 years old way am I 20 and on a mission.... 

Soo I will actually be training a new missionary, which is pretty exciting. We will both be new to the Kitchener Waterloo Area, so there will be lots to do. Lots of people to find, friendships to make, lessons to learn, etc. I am grateful for this change, as I know that I really need it. However, I cherish the memories here in Napanee. I am so grateful for the wonderful people I've been blessed to find and teach. And doing it all with Sister Puruganan has been remarkable. I will never forget her and the things we went through together. God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again....

Love you all!!


Sister Hardcastle

"Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like His Son, Help Others On Their Way" 

Sister Hansen!
Trying to fix a doll....legs and arms fell off....
Sister Burnfield!! Feeds us the yummiest lunches! 
Bye Bobby!!!
Lovely District....check out Elder Watters (in the back)...he's 6'10" 
Cutest little boy!!
Sheldon! Such a stud.
Napanee Primary!
It's true.
Love the hat!
We Love Canada!!!!
Saying goodbye to Kristi....gonna miss her.

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