Monday, February 3, 2014

9 Months this week ... crazy!

Dear Family and Friends, 

All of you have seemed to remind me this week that I do hit my 9 months this coming Saturday. Although it is not quite halfway, it freaks me out! This has been the best 9 months of my life - full of laughs, cries, miracles and trials. One thing is for sure - I wouldn't change it for the world. There have been times on my mission that have been so hard...and it gets me feeling like I am going to be here forever. However, there are times like right now, when I feel like time is going by too fast. I don't want this to end...sooo let's not think about that. :)

This week has been a pretty good one. The work is moving right along. Michael was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yesterday. It was the cutest thing! They had him sitting in a chair at the front of the chapel, and after the prayer was over - he booked it back to his seat. He was practically running. What a cutie! His mom, Mary, looked like she was on cloud 9 yesterday. We are going to be working with her so closely. We are hoping to set her with a baptismal date this week for sometime in February. She told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true, and she believes in Joseph Smith. So much progress!! Thank you for your prayers on their behalf. They are truly miracles, and I feel like I was sent here to find them. 

Another story about Michael. Brother Dave Oswald was the one who baptized him and told Sister Woolf and I this story. After the actual ordinance, when Michael and Brother Oswald were changing in the bathroom, Michael looked up at Brother Oswald and simply said, "Thank you." I wish you all could hear Michael's voice. It is the cutest thing. It really touched Brother Oswald. 

Iain - So solid. So prepared. So golden! We moved his date again to February 16th because his mom wants to be at his baptism. That is the soonest that she could be there, but all is well. It is incredible that his mom wants to support him, so the 16th it is! He met with the Bishop yesterday and is basically a member of the ward. Just gotta get him baptized! We send him chapters to read in the Book of Mormon, and he loves it. It is amazing to see people truly become converted to the gospel. Iain even fasted on fast Sunday. :)

We found the coolest new investigators this week. I love it!! George bombed our appointment, so we went to see another investigator - Ayse, and she wasn't home either. Well, you always need a back-up plan to a back-up plan, so we planned to just walk around and work in the neighborhood. It was snowing pretty bad, so we figured people would be outside shoveling. We started walking a certain direction, and it was so cool because it was like Sister Woolf and I turned around and started walking the other direction without using words. We both just turned around and started walking the other way. Sister Woolf simply said - "We were going the wrong way." I nodded and we continued. Well we noticed a girl and guy sitting on their doorstep smoking. The girl was on the phone when we initially approached them, and the guy wasn't too interested. Well, turns out they are divorced from each other, but the guy just comes over to see the kids. The mom (Merita) had just failed a huge test for her college class and was really bummed. She let us in and we taught her and her two kids (Medina - girl &12 and Emir - boy & 10). Medina reminds me so much of Ashlyn! She is the sweetest thing. They were going to come to church yesterday, but things didn't work out. All is well! We are excited to work with them. It is truly amazing the miracles that happen when you let the Spirit guide you. I've had so many experiences when I have either started walking a certain way, turned around, etc. and I know it is the Spirit telling me where to go. I love it!

Jackie and Xavier are doing well. They were both at church yesterday! We set them with a new date for March 5th, which is a Wednesday, but it is what they wanted, so no complaints. :) The whole Vieyra family has been coming to church 3 weeks in a row...yet another miracle. 

Sister Woolf and I spent a day in a part of our area called Caledonia. It is a small town and absolutely beautiful. :) See the picture that I'll attach. SO the new Elder in the ward, Elder Burgener, knows Jason Elder! They went to high school together. Small world. 

This coming week should be an awesome one. We are truly seeing the work move along. Sister Woolf and I are excited to hit our 9 months together. We'll probably go to Tim Horton's or Swiss Chalet to celebrate. Did I mention I am going to miss those places when I come back to the States?? Canada has been so good to me. :)

Well, I wanted to end this email with a scripture that has pulled me through many times on my mission: 

1 Peter 5:6-7 - "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."

I know that is true. I know that Jesus Christ cares for all of us. I know that we cannot go through this life without Him. I love Him, and I know that He lives. 

I love you all. Have an amazing week. Be strong. :)


Sister Corinne Hardcastle

"Have Faith, Have Hope, Live Like His Son, Help Others On Their Way"

Caledonia - It's beautiful!!!

My crazy Canadian Hat!

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